About Belga’Inn

The project in a few words :

To speak about Belga’Inn, it’s a voluntary project created by Jérôme Dacremont, a student in video game master at the HEAJ, and Elsa Lefort, holder of a certificate “working with video game culture” from the ULiège.

Belga’Inn was born within a precise framework. A simple observation was made: students and novices who wish to work in the Belgian video game industry lack guidance. Many questions arise without always finding answers. Each country has its own specificities, Belgium is no exception to the rule and novices do not easily find precise information related to video games in our country.

Genesis of the project :

In 2022, Jérôme, in his third year of a Bachelor’s degree in Game Art, finds himself confronted with several questions: he wonders where to find work in Belgium in the video game sector, but also how to start his own studio in Belgium, where to find funding and how to incubate his project.

Questions that will take a long time to answer. He then discussed it with other students and realised that they were all facing this situation.

At the same time, Elsa was taking courses at the ULiège to learn to better understand the world in which Jérôme was evolving. To obtain her certificate, she had to design a project related to this sector. Knowing Jerome’s difficulties, she thought there must be a way to make it easier for future novices who would go through the same path.

They both thought that they could help and that it was certainly possible to set up a project to assist all students and beginners in the sector.

To meet this need, they came up with a tool to help these young people find answers to their questions:
A collaborative website: on it, they will find a FAQ answering the most frequently asked questions. But also a directory listing all the Belgian studios and presenting the help and support structures. We also list the various events related to the Belgian video game industry.

About the Team

Jérôme Dacremont


Student in Master Technical Artist at the “Haute École Albert Jaquard” (Namur). Passionate about video game design and entrepreneurship.


Elsa Lefort


Head of communication and marketing. Holder of the certificate “working with the videogame culture” of the ULiège.